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Its been a tough, somewhat discouraging road so far with the pandemic.  As our great community continues to work together to get on top of this virus, we start looking ahead hoping for a day when normal becomes normal again.  


At Reflex Massage, we have always valued the importance of clean and sanitized treatment areas.  As massage therapists we understand how important it is for our clients to feel safe, secure and comfortable in providing effective treatment. Afterall, our goal is to getting you feeling better as soon as possible.

As we reopen for business we have taken some serious steps to help protect our clients and ourselves from becoming infected with COVID.

Things that have changed at Reflex Massage


  • All forms (including the massage session form) have been put online eliminating pens and clipboards.

  • Lotions have been pre portioned into  per session portions to eliminate the possibility of cross client imollient contamination.

  • All therapists will be in scrubs put on at the office and laundered with clinic laundry to eliminate any possible outside contaminants.  Scrubs will be changed in between each client.

  • Therapists will be wearing a mask during the massage.

  • Face masks will be available to patients if the patient requests one for the session.

  • Cleaning before, in between, and after massage sessions are more detailed.  Rooms will sit for 30 minutes before cleaning to allow for most air particles to fall.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available in both rooms as well as the front desk at all times.

  • Adding more session education for home self care after each massage.


We recognize the importance of our client’s trust in us to keep them safe while seeking the treatment they need to get better from life’s regular pains. We will continue to update and stay on top of any new requests made by health officials to keep people safe.

As therapists we understand that know matter how many precautions we take, until you are ready to engage in massage treatment, it is not time to return.  We look forward to the day you are ready.  Reflex Massage is open and ready to help you, be it tomorrow or six months from now.   

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