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Massage should support your activities.  We specialize in helping athletes and active people improve their training, performance, and overall health.


Unlike many high-volume massage clinics where a 60 minute massage often gets you 45 minutes on the table, your massage in our clinic entails a full 60 or 90 minutes on the table.  Anything else just isn't enough time.


Many call our style of massage Deep Tissue or Swedish: We call it Aggressive.  We prod and pull.  We stretch and dive deep with lots of elbow and deep strokes.  Pain is never the goal but to achieve the maximum benefit we sometimes must get to just this side of it -- your edge.  Go there and after a few sessions you will experience increased flexibility, improved circulation, better sleep, and sustained relaxation levels.  You will leave the table with a body that is capable of more.

Our Therapists

Services We Offer:

  • Auto Injury Recovery

  • Workplace Injury Recovery

  • Sports Event Preparation

  • Sports Injury Recovery

  • Maintenance Sport Massage

  • Pain Management

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Kelly Robison


I am a recovering Chief Financial Officer.


Fed up and disillusioned, I chucked my cell-phone and left the rat-race to  begin a career that would bring me closer contact with people, one that would allow me to help and heal instead of merely profit.  Along the path I discovered my calling and dove as deeply into anatomy and massage as I had business finance years earlier.


After graduating from Cortiva Institute in 2011, I now have a healthy massage therapy practice and take time to live life fully and intentionally.


Fay Bursell


I am a long time athlete who has had many aches and pains.


After receiving massage while recovering from an injury and greatly benefiting from it, I decided to pursue it as a career. Deep tissue massage and helping people recover from their injuries, aches, and pains is what I enjoy the most. I approach each massage methodically and with empathy for each individual client.

I was able to run my marathon and I know this wouldn't have been possible without my visits at Reflex Massage.

-Daniel (via Google Reviews)

Kelly is a masterful masseuse. He listens he pays attention & works with providers to maximize the benefit of his work.

-Jeanne (via Google Reviews)

The things people say:

Location is awesome, there's always parking and Kelly has amazing attention to detail!

Definitely recommend.

-Jesse (via Google Reviews)

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